2020 CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund
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Jointly Launched by Tencent and the China Computer Federation (CCF) in 2013, the CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund is committed to building a platform for industry-university research cooperation and academic exchanges for young scholars around the world. For eight years, the Fund has provided the world’s most innovative young scholars with access to real industry problems and actual business needs. By connecting young scholars and corporate R&D teams in the industry-university-research process, it aims to promote the academic influence of both sides as well as the application of research results and maintain energy for independent technological exploration and innovation. In 2020, the Rhino-Bird Fund will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its technical connection with areas that are important to the national economy and the people’s livelihood such as materials and energy sciences, information security and health care. The Fund supports collaboration on frontier corporate issues, including multi-source information fusion, game theory and cryptography. The Fund also plans to conduct 35 school-enterprise research projects in 8 technical fields to further facilitate the collaboration on cutting-edge research between both sides. Also, the Rhino-Bird Fund has established side projects to support scientific research cooperation and the personal development of scholars. These projects include the brand new/newly established "Rhino-Bird Scholar Reward Program" which aims to encourage the personal growth of young scholars and to support collaboration on innovative research projects. The on-going "Creativity Fund" and "Technical Standardization Research" are important supplements to the Rhino-Bird "Scientific Research Fund". Thanks to the "Rhino-Bird Visiting Scholar Program", the cooperation between young scholars and corporate R&D teams in cutting-edge technologies has been strengthened. Our project team also offers two high-quality academic tool and framework, i.e., Tencent’s TexSmart service and a pre-trained model on large-scale molecular graphs (GROVER) to scholars (see Appendix III for details). Please visit our program website Wiz(https://withzz.com/) to start your application for the 2020 CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund. For more information, please follow the official websites of CCF (https://www.ccf.org.cn/), Tencent University Relations (http://ur.tencent.com/), the official WeChat account of the CCF (ccfvoice), and Tencent University Relation (Tencent_UR). We warmly welcome exceptional young scholars around the world to apply for our CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Fund. The project team of the CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Fund Program May 15, 2020  
2020 CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund
Application Guide

I. General Guidelines

The CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund is jointly initiated by Tencent and the China Computer Federation (CCF). It aims to build a collaboration platform between industry and academia, connect industry practice with academic research, and help outstanding young scholars around the world to conduct cutting-edge scientific research by collaborating with enterprises.
The 2020 CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund issued a total of 35 research subjects mainly in 8 technical fields. See Appendix I Research Directions of 2020 CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund for more information.

II. Fund Application

1. Application qualification

This fund is open for young scholars from universities and research institutes around the world who meet the following conditions:
  • The applicant is a full-time academic staff at a university or research institute and was born on or after January 1, 1984 (for males) or January 1, 1979 (for females);
  • The applicant has worked in a university or research institute for less than 5 years (for males) or 10 years (for females) after graduating from a master’s/doctoral program;
  • The applicant can independently conduct research and lead students in research projects;

2. How to apply

Your application must be finished and submitted online before 24:00, June 15, 2020(Beijing time). Applicants need to fill out and upload their Application Form (see Appendix II). Please visit our official program website, i.e., https://withzz.com/project/detail/74 to start your application. Each applicant can submit one application only. Applicants who have been funded last year are not eligible but can apply for the next year’s fund. Before applying, you should confirm that universities/research institutes you work in can sign project cooperation agreement with Tencent. They should also confirm that they can sign the project confidentiality agreement and other relevant commitments. For any questions in this regard, please contact Xinchen Di(email: xinchendi@tencent.com).

III. Milestones

IV. Project Evaluation

CCF and Tencent will jointly invite academia and industry experts to serve as project judges and form the project expert group. The final funding result for each research area and total amount will be determined by the project expert group. The evaluation of the experts is mainly based on the following criteria:
  • The purpose, significance, novelty, and feasibility of the project;
  • The applicant's execution plan as well as the significance and value of the achievement;
  • The academic level and scientific research ability of the applicant (and team).

V. Types of Projects

1. Scientific research fund:

  • In 2020, the CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Young Faculty Open Research Fund set up a total of 35 research subjects. Each applicant can submit one application only. The amount of funding for each project is 150,000-200,000 RMB. The Fund supports 25-35 projects and research collaboration period will be one year.
  • This year’s eligible young scholars will also have opportunities to receive the following support:
“Rhino-Bird Visiting Scholar”: Research fund winners have an opportunity to become “Rhino-Bird Visiting Scholar” (see Appendix V for details) along with visiting partners, and an allowance will be provided for visiting.
“Technical Standardization Research”: Research encourages young scholars and partners to participate in technology standardization research, including participating in standards organizations (coalitions) around the world, and writing standard technical proposals in related fields. Tencent's intellectual property team will provide the funding for scholars involved in the research and be responsible for organizing the cooperation after the project is established. The amount of funding for each project is 50,000 yuan and about 3~5 projects will be funded.
“Rhino-Bird Scholar Reward Program”: To support the personal development of scholars and encourage both sides to conduct better practice and exploration, the program rewards individuals who show academic excellence during the collaboration as well as projects with achievements that are ready for application and commercialization (see Appendix VI for details).
  • The Fund will run the “Webank Blockchain and Big Data” Project this year to promote industry-university collaboration on related technologies and research on their cutting-edge applications. WeBank funds this project and is in charge of project cooperation and execution after a project has been established.

2. Creativity Fund:

  • The Fund is available for all applicants, aiming to encourage young scholars to explore creative original research ideas and promote intellectual property protection;
  • Applicants can decide whether to apply for the creativity fund at their discretion while applying for the scientific research fund. Applicants who receive the scientific research fund will automatically be excluded from the creativity fund. The amount of funding for each project is 50,000 RMB, and 10-20 projects will be funded, including 15-25 projects funded by WeBank (see Appendix IV for details) and research collaboration period will be one year.

VI. Intellectual Property

Copyrights and patents relating to project results, including but not limited to papers, project outcomes, and source codes arising from the research process, will be jointly possessed by the authors, their universities or research institutes, and the cooperative company(Tencent or WeBank). For details, refer to the cooperative agreement between the sponsor and the applicant’s institution. Papers and outcomes resulting from funded projects published during this period need to be marked “Sponsored by CCF-Tencent Open Fund” or “Sponsored by CCF-Tencent Open Fund WeBank Special Fund” and will be included in the CCF Digital Library or Tencent's internal academic paper library for free perusal by CCF members.

VII. Project Management

1. Project Management

CCF and Tencent will establish a joint project team to manage projects.

  • Project initiation: Jointly publicize project information to academia around the world;
  • Project evaluation: Organize industry and academic experts to evaluate projects;
  • Agreement execution: After the scientific research fund (and creativity fund) is approved, the CCF representing Tencent and WeBank signs the project agreements with the grantees and their employees. The grantees need to actively cooperate with the signing of agreements in their universities or research institutes. If the agreements cannot be signed within 3 months of the results being publicized for reasons attributed to the grantees or their employees, the funding is deemed to have been waived;
  • Medium-term inspection: Grantees need to fill out the Interim Report Form and participate in regular in-process meetings for their projects;
  • Project conclusion: Grantees need to fill out the Conclusion Report Form ,and participate in an on-site defense. The expert team will evaluate the project achievements and determine the award.

2. Research period and termination

The research period is one year from the date of project approval. After the project is approved, the grantee cannot be substituted. If project research is interrupted for reasons attributed to the grantee, the project will be terminated and the balance of the allocated funds will be refunded based on the progress of the project, and an explanation of how funds were spent should be provided. Applicants who receive grants from the fund in principle cannot abandon the fund support. If doing so is necessary, they must submit the “Fund Waiver Statement” and affix the official seals of their employees. The statement will be archived by the fund project team.

VIII. This provision will be effective from the release date.

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